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What I said a couple of weeks ago – 3rd Sunday of Lent

It was only while getting ready for the services tomorrow that I realised I had forgotten to post my last sermon which was two weeks ago now. Usually someone in the congregation reminds me, but this hasn’t happened on this occasion. Perhaps the sermon wasn’t that memorable and no-one wanted to read it again! Last week being Mothering Sunday I put together an interactive talk using Powerpoint so nothing to post.

Anyway, here is my sermon for the 3rd Sunday of Lent which I based on the psalm for the day.

Exodus 20.1-17; Psalm 19; John 2.13-22 I’m sure that all of you hear consider yourselves to be good, upright, law-abiding citizens, who would never wittingly break any laws or statutes currently in force. Even if you don’t always agree with them. Not even ever breaking the speed limit or trying to be creative with your tax return.

Of course – that rather depends on you knowing the law. Just in case you should want to brush up your knowledge of the law, to avoid inadvertently committing any  breaches, the British Library rather conveniently keeps copies of all the laws in force – you can go and consult them if you wish. Though I wouldn’t advise it. Apparently our general laws and statutes currently fill 358 volumes, while local laws and other private acts fill another 682 volumes. Adding in even more volumes containing statutory instruments that’s 104 shelves of the British Library for you to work your way through. However, this morning, to help you stay within the law, I’d just like to reminder you of some laws that are currently in force – I wouldn’t want you to inadvertently run foul of the authorities. Continue reading