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Midnight Mass – and what I said

A very happy Christmas to you all. Here’s my midnight mass sermon for this year.


John 1.1-14

It’s good to see you all here this evening. You obviously all made it through the end of the world in one piece. After all, there were those who were saying it was all going to end on Friday. On the 21st December the 5,125 year calendar of the ancient Mayans came to an end and some were predicting that the world was going to end after being hit by a rogue planet. It would certainly have been spectacular. I assume that those who were really convinced that the end of the world was nigh didn’t bother buying any Christmas presents this year, and have now had to rush out and buy them all at the last minute. I think the best, and most understated news headline, posted on Friday afternoon on the CBS News website, was: Mayan calendar ends; world doesn’t. Continue reading