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Mothering Sunday Talk


On Mothering Sunday we get, as you’d expect, lots of visitors and especially families. Our uniformed groups also come as it is a parade service. I was taking the service at our neighbouring church so the priest I live with was left in charge. She gave an interactive talk with a quiz  so a change from the usual kind of sermon – here’s what she did. The gospel reading was Luke 2.33-35


Did any mothers here this morning get breakfast in bed? Did any children take their mum breakfast in bed?

General chat with congregation about things do on Mothering Sunday.


To get us into thinking a bit more about Mothering Sunday I want us to start with a quiz so I can find how much you know about this day. We will do this one side of the church against another. I’ll ask one side of the church and if they don’t know then we will pass it to the other side. Simple scoring – one point for each right answer.

Q1 Is Mothering Sunday on the same date each year? Continue reading