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What the priest I live with said this Sunday – Trinity 4

We’ve had a bit of a break from preaching as you may have noticed. Two weeks ago we were in Rome having gone out for a conference and a short break added on to it, and last week was our annual parish pilgrimage to Walsingham. This week Mother Anne-Marie was preaching.

Mark 5.21-end

I expect virtually everyone of us here has been a Jairus or the women suffering from haemorrhages. I don’t mean literally but we will have sat at the bedside of a seriously ill friend or family member fervently wishing we could do something to make them well. Or we will ourselves have been ill with one of those chronic illnesses that most wear us down. The woman had been suffering for 12 years with something no physician could cure. Even in our day of medical and surgical solutions there are things doctors cannot make better. We can have hips and knees replaced but arthritis cannot be cured in the fingers or the feet and the pain wears people down. In our day the woman in the story might have been made better by a hysterectomy, but that carries with it a cost. Not everything, even today, can be put right Continue reading