What I said on Sunday

This week’s service was a Family and Parade service. The talk was interactive, so no normal sermon to post here this week, but I’ll summarise briefly what I covered in the talk.

The gospel reading from Matthew chapter 5 was essentially about how we keep God’s commandments. I started by getting everyone to think about Saint Valentine’s Day. On Valentine’s Day we think about a particular word – love. The thing is, that if all we do is think about love we get into trouble. We also need to actively show love by sending cards or flowers, buying presents, going out for romantic meals. When asked about what the greatest commandment was, Jesus said the first was to love God and then the next was to love your neighbour as yourself. Just like people on Valentine’s Day, we keep the two commandments to love God and one another not just be thinking about that love, but also by actively showing that love in the way we live.