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Oh dear! The wine has run out!

Biblical scene play of the miracle of transformation of water into wine – Mother Mary saying to Jesus there is no wine left

Last Sunday we heard of the amazing miracle of the turning of water into wine – the first miracle of Jesus, according to John’s gospel, at a wedding party in Cana of Galilee

John 2.1-11

All through Advent we in the Church get ready for Christmas with a period of penitence and abstinence. I suspect we all found it very difficult, while most of the country was already in a celebratory mood, to do without such things as alcohol and meat – at least on Wednesdays and Fridays if not every day. You did fast during Advent, didn’t you? (No – it seems they didn’t given their response but that’s all right – I didn’t either!)

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What the priest I live with said this Sunday – Epiphany 3

I was elsewhere this Sunday and so Mother Anne-Marie was in charge at St. John’s. Here’s her sermon.

John 2.1-11

When did Christmas begin?

When did it begin, not this last year, which in the shops was probably September, but when did it originally begin?

Well, you might want to say “When Jesus was born of course”. Well perhaps – did they have birthday parties in 1st century Palestine so in Nazareth Mary and Joseph hung up balloons and sent out invites to Jesus’s fifth birthday party and thought of age appropriate games to play, or find a children’s entertainer to invite. I doubt it! As in many societies birthdays were not remembered or celebrated in the way that we place such significance on our birth date. So Christmas didn’t begin on Jesus’s first birthday. Continue reading