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In Christ Alone

Stuart Townend sings the worship hymn In Christ Alone.

The priest I live with, Mother Anne-Marie, used this hymn as the basis of her Good Friday talks. You can read them here:

  1. In Christ alone my hope is found
  2. Scorned by the ones he came to save
  3. Light of the world by darkness slain
  4. He stands in victory
  5. Here in the power of Christ I stand
  6. Sermon at the Good Friday Liturgy

The Misguided Monk

I was sent a link to this animation by the London Institute for Contemporary Christianity. I rather liked it, I hope you do too.

When an old hermit monk has his day interrupted by an uninvited guest, he is unwillingly taken on a journey to discover the true meaning of companionship…

Digital nativity

I’m always interested when people come up with new ways of presenting the gospel story. I was particularly intrigued, therefore, when I came across this ‘Digital Nativity’, which someone has put together for an age when so many people rely upon the internet for their communication. I thought it was rather good, though it might not be to everyone’s taste. I’d be interested to know what people think. It’s best watched full screen.


Liturgical dance Take Two

Posting the Youtube video of the acrobats at the Vatican brought to mind a Youtube video that a member of our congregation directed me to some time ago. It’s the entry procession at a wedding. I’m still waiting for a wedding couple to ask to do this at Saint John’s. It would be really cool, just as long as I didn’t have to join in.