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Carol service postponed

Carol Service latest news

I’ve just had a phone call from our organist in Redhill – he is totally snowed in and unable to get his car out because as well as substantial snow everything has now frozen and iced up. He won’t be able to get here for the carol service. We have, unfortunately, therefore had to postpone the service. Given the known availability of organist and choir members it is looking as though we will have to opt for Sunday 2nd January at 6pm. After I have spoken to people at church this morning I will post confirmation later today.

Carol service latest

As things stand we intend to go ahead with the carol service tomorrow. The forecast has changed and we are not expecting any more snow between now and tomorrow. However, given the rate at which the forecast seems to be changing, there is no guarantee that things won’t get worse again. If it turns out that our organist is snowed in in Redhill and can’t get to Caterham then we will have to review things tomorrow, but as things stand at the moment we are expecting everything to be fine.┬áIf circumstances do mean that we can’t go ahead then I’ll let everyone know before 12 noon tomorrow.

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