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Services for Easter Day

Join us for worship at Saint John’s on Easter Day.

Our first service is the Easter Dawn Service at 6.15am. This begins with the lighting of the Paschal Candle from the Easter Fire. Then, after the singing of the Exsultet and the vigil of readings we go to the font to renew our baptism vows before continuing with communion.

Our normal Parish Mass is at 10am. We bless the Easter garden at this service before continuing to celebrate the resurrection.

Carol service postponed

Carol Service latest news

I’ve just had a phone call from our organist in Redhill – he is totally snowed in and unable to get his car out because as well as substantial snow everything has now frozen and iced up. He won’t be able to get here for the carol service. We have, unfortunately, therefore had to postpone the service. Given the known availability of organist and choir members it is looking as though we will have to opt for Sunday 2nd January at 6pm. After I have spoken to people at church this morning I will post confirmation later today.

Carol service latest

As things stand we intend to go ahead with the carol service tomorrow. The forecast has changed and we are not expecting any more snow between now and tomorrow. However, given the rate at which the forecast seems to be changing, there is no guarantee that things won’t get worse again. If it turns out that our organist is snowed in in Redhill and can’t get to Caterham then we will have to review things tomorrow, but as things stand at the moment we are expecting everything to be fine. If circumstances do mean that we can’t go ahead then I’ll let everyone know before 12 noon tomorrow.

In the interests of consumer participation I’m going to try having a couple of polls here to help us as knowing what people are thinking always helps when making decisions. Just select your answers and then press the VOTE button.

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Sunday 19th – latest news on services

8am Communion
Given the current weather, and the warnings from the Met Office of heavy snow in Surrey this afternoon, we have taken the decision to cancel the 8am communion tomorrow.

10am Parish Mass
The 10am will go ahead for whoever can make it to church, though as our organist has to come from Redhill we might be without music.

6pm Carol Service
We haven’t yet made a decision about the carol service. If it proves to be unrealistic to hold it tomorrow then – assuming the weather allows – we will hold it during the week if we can, probably on Thursday, but it will of course depend on getting organist and choir to church. I think we will probably make a decision tonight, but I’ll post here as soon as we know what we’re doing.

Christmas services

Christmas services at Saint John’s, weather permitting, are:

  • Sunday 19th: Nine lessons and carols at 6pm
  • Christmas Eve: Crib service at 5pm, Midnight Mass at 11.30pm
  • Christmas Day: 8am communion (BCP) and 10am Family communion
  • St Stephen (26th): 10am Family communion
  • St John (27th): 10am communion for the feast of our patron saint.

I have deliberately not called Sunday 26th Boxing Day. I did so in a previous post but a letter to the Church Times complained that Westminster Abbey had called the Sunday after Christmas Boxing Day.  I’m not sure I agree with the correspondent. I think that the Boxing Day bank holiday is on Monday, but that Sunday is still most definitely Boxing Day. Though I stand to be corrected if you know better.

Changes to regular services over Christmas

Please note the following changes to our regular pattern of services over the Christmas period. These changes are in addition to the usual Christmas services.
• 26th December – as the Sunday after Christmas is Boxing Day, and as past experience has shown that when this happens attendances are very small, there will only be one Family Service at 10am. There will be no 8am communion and the 11.45am Family Service which we normally have on the last Sunday of the month us also cancelled – come at 10 instead.
• Thursday 30th – no communion service today.
• Sunday 2nd – services as normal at 8am and 10am, but evensong is cancelled.