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Sermon for Midnight Mass


We always have, as the gospel for Midnight Mass, the wonderful prologue to the gospel of Saint John in John 1.1-14. Here’s what I said to those gathered to celebrate the birth of Jesus at our Midnight Mass.

Will it be the warmest Christmas on record?

That was actually a headline from the Daily Mail in 2011.

And similar headlines have been repeated on a yearly basis with one exception – 2013 – ever since. And this year again similar questions are being asked as we come towards the end of the warmest December on record.

The daffodils outside the church are blooming. They think it’s spring! We’ve had to switch off the heating in the vicarage, and yesterday I had the window open as I was preparing my sermon for tonight, because it was just too hot. Children are growing up with no idea of the joys of making snowmen, or having snowball fights, or tobogganing.

And – I have to say – it’s making it very difficult when it comes to choosing which carols to sing. Singing, “See amid the winter’s snow, born for us on earth below” doesn’t seem quite appropriate. And as for “In the bleak midwinter” with its lines, “snow had fallen, snow on snow, snow on snow”! No chance of that. And as for Bing Crosby dreaming of a white Christmas – well, he can dream on, because we know that yet again we’re not going to see one! Continue reading

Carol service postponed

Carol Service latest news

I’ve just had a phone call from our organist in Redhill – he is totally snowed in and unable to get his car out because as well as substantial snow everything has now frozen and iced up. He won’t be able to get here for the carol service. We have, unfortunately, therefore had to postpone the service. Given the known availability of organist and choir members it is looking as though we will have to opt for Sunday 2nd January at 6pm. After I have spoken to people at church this morning I will post confirmation later today.

Sunday 19th – latest news on services

8am Communion
Given the current weather, and the warnings from the Met Office of heavy snow in Surrey this afternoon, we have taken the decision to cancel the 8am communion tomorrow.

10am Parish Mass
The 10am will go ahead for whoever can make it to church, though as our organist has to come from Redhill we might be without music.

6pm Carol Service
We haven’t yet made a decision about the carol service. If it proves to be unrealistic to hold it tomorrow then – assuming the weather allows – we will hold it during the week if we can, probably on Thursday, but it will of course depend on getting organist and choir to church. I think we will probably make a decision tonight, but I’ll post here as soon as we know what we’re doing.

Rescue mission!

image128619290.jpgWe may well be snowed in at the vicarage, but the curate I live with and I are now feeling suitably pleased with ourselves as we have just been out (and, yes, it’s snowing again) and mounted a rescue mission. The bird table had about 8 or 9 inches of snow on the roof and our local magpies and collared doves couldn’t land. I had to re-dig the path that I dug yesterday to bring new emergency supplies and fresh water and to clear the roof. The nuts that I completely replenished yesterday were half gone – we have never seen so many tits queuing up for food.

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